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Giraffe looking for food


There is plenty to do on a private African farm from dawn to dusk. Guests can jog or bike up the hill. A short walk from the Manor house is a 20 meter swimming pool surrounded by yellow fever trees where Giraffe, Zebra and Buffalo often laze around gently picking at the young shoots - the most delightful backdrop to your time at the pool - whether you’re stretching, doing Yoga or long slow laps in the pool.


Our sanctuary is not fenced and shares boundaries with a game reserve so it is abundant with wildlife. Our experienced guides enjoy walking you among the animals - a feeling of being one with nature. This place is also a bird lovers dream with over 350 species of birds. Mountain bikes allow us to stay true to our vision of using cars only when we have to - such as at night to limit contact with large Hippo grazing or to see them on a night drive.


Certain external activities (boat rides, massages, excursion trip to hell's gate, crater lake  visits, etc.) can be facilitated by Hippo Point.

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